Product & spatial designer.

—  Me in a nutshell

I'm a designer from Helsinki,Finland. My work is focused on products and interiors. I have degrees in carpentry, industrial design (BA, Lahti institute of Design) and applied art and design (MA, Aalto University). 




—  Here's an overview of few of my last years. Full CV available on request. ☺



Fun things coming up! I'll give you an update a bit later.



Was a superb year! I got nominated as a Nordic designer of the year in the Formex awards in Stockholm. At Habitare furniture fair I had my Crescent lamps on display for the first time at the curated Protoshop gallery. Also Pala was on display there as a part of the Innofusor booth. I got the Toimittajien tusina award (The 12 best Finnish interior design products of the year 2016) from the Pala. I made my illustrator debut in collaboration with Double Happiness for Pori Jazz Festival's 2017 identity. The year was full of exhibitions and I really feel that things are advancing. Here's a comprehensive list: Nordic Me (Stockholm), Syyt - Wooden design (Lahti) and Beirut Design Week. Beirut was by far the most exiting, I HAD SUCH GOOD HUMMUS THERE OMG. Also my boyfriend moved in to my apartment this year. Fun times ahead. The last few weeks of the year I travelled to Japan for the first time ever! I'm collaborating with a traditional paper company Taniguchi. I'm designing a product with them for 2017 Habitare's United Stories concept.



This year I had my own booth at the Habitare Talentshop. That was a bit scary, but everything played out smoothly and it was very educational and a positive experience after all. Pala had a lot of attention there and one thing led to another and now it’s being produced by Innofusor. Later I had the honor of being part of Bloom exhibition at Lokal gallery here in Helsinki. It was a curated show of 12 young designer talents. Third exhibition of the year took place in Stockholm furniture fair with a lot of colleagues I adore. It was called WE LIVE HERE. I also got my own studio space in Kruunuhaka with a few designer colleagues. Big step for me! Other than that we continued to design and renovate apartments for Supercell. I also freelanced for Flora & Laura every now and then. I sawed a lot, carried a lot of stuff, planted a lot of flowers and painted on tons of different surfaces. 



That was a busy year! I started to design and renovate apartments for Supercell with my usual partner in crime Tero Kuitunen. I also worked for a Iittala – doing their glass factory’s exhibition design and coordination. Got a day job at some point too! I started as an assistant at Flora & Laura! I travelled to Milano with Beacon Helsinki’s Finnish by Nature exhibition. But the absolute high lights of the year we’re that I got the Gold award in Grafia’s Best of the Year competition, in the Young Creatives. And I got the chance to visit my sister in California! I also moved to a new flat in the Kallio district.



Was a get out of school year! I graduated as a Master of Arts just before xmas from Aalto University. Writing my thesis was real struggle, took me almost the whole year, but I managed to pull through. I got featured in Wallpaper* magazine’s Graduates Directory. I sent my graduation project Ripsiraita carpet to London to be photographed for that. We made an video piece with Tero Kuitunen for 21_21 Gallery in Japan. It was called Color Hunting. Milano was calling my name this year too. ✈ I exhibited as a part of Aalto University’s Norther Exhibition. That same exhibition was sent to Korea, but renamed as Nordic Passion. Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to fly there. ☹